Tuesday, July 31, 2007

♥ I love Tuesday nights, because Time Team is on. I secretly thought I wanted to go into archaeology at one point in my life and even took a couple of medieval archaeology classes during my brief college career. Then I woke up and realized I would have to know dates and timelines and be able to distinguish different rocks and all that. Not to mention the dirt.... under the nails... oh eww. So yeah, it didn't really take. But I love my Tuesday night ritual. I get home, get settled, make my dinner (since Hans is usually at rehearsal), and get to the couch by 6:00 to snuggle in for approximately 50 minutes of history. LOVE IT!

Last week's episode took place in Bridgnorth. Now I want to go there.

♥ Speaking of places I want to go, I have never really thought about going to Greece. At least, I should say, I have a few other places that rank higher on my list of places to get to before I die. That was until I found out about Ikies Traditional Houses. Now I'm obsessed with getting to these Greek Isles and maybe even moving there forever. Gorgeous!

If When we go to the Netherlands in 2010 for SAIL (which I've mentioned a time or two or three), I'm thinking we may need to stop off in Oia!

♥ Oh, and back to speaking of archaeology, Summer 2008 cannot get here fast enough. Lego Indiana Jones: The Videogame. YES!

I hate Lily Allen. There I said it. I always have. (Not just because I'm forced to listen to it at the office.) That whiney "Smile" song makes me want to die. And when I saw the little swear bear being interviewed on some video program, her attitude was just very unattractive. If this were Empire Records, I'd be exercising my veto right now.

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Aug 06 2007, 05:07 pm

since you've admitted it, now i can too: i hate lily allen! i don't like that "smile" song, either! and there's nothing wrong with me for saying that! :)

thank you, danielle. thank you.

6:49 PM  

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