Tuesday, April 06, 2004

A Leonard Cohen Afterworld
Where were you when you heard the news of Kurt Cobain's death ten years ago? I heard it on Entertainment Tonight and ran to tell my sister. That sucked.

Go Preds! Wooo!

Am I Right: Making Fun of Music. One Song at a Time...

Thousands of Words
Alex Sievers Photography. More beautiful photography. Particularly love his shots of Istanbul (a future destination of mine) and Amsterdam (a must visit too).

Come Sail Away
I found that site looking for more information on Sail Amsterdam -- a huge nautical event every five years. I am completely enamored by all things sailboat related, but these tall ships put everything I've ever been on to shame. If I can't make 2005, I definitely want to shoot for 2010. Check out these pictures or these pictures from 2000. (Ooo... here are some more.)

I Learn, Therefore I Am
I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like I've been getting exponentially dumber since I quit going to school. All that is changing now though. I feel revitalized as I'm learning good stuff at church, and I'm learning to swing dance, AND as of this weekend, I'm officially taking Dutch lessons from Connie with Jessica. (I think that's why I'm all revved up for a trip to the Netherlands.) Until my vocabulary is built up, it is hard to have any practical application, but I can say "yes please" (ja, alstublieft) and "no thank you" ( nee dankje vel) and "give me a kiss" (geef mij een kus)... because those are essential phrases. :)


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