Saturday, February 26, 2005

If You Don't Know Me by Now... You Will Never Ever Ever Know Me... Ooooo
A snippet of conversation I can't believe I had yesterday.

Me: So what's the weather like there in the evenings?
Manda: Well, don't wear shorts, but jeans and a short-sleeved shirt with maybe a sweater along.
Me: Do I ever wear shorts?
Manda: Good point.

A Peak into My World
If you were to take a ride with me in my car, you would notice that this book, which used to be underneath my passenger seat, has worked its way to the center consol area:
I don't know. This morning I was just entertained by the idea of the "stereotypical toothless dutchman"... is there such a thing? I think he looks more Irish... but then again, I've never been to the Netherlands. Though that may change....

SAIL 2005
You see, SAIL Amsterdam is this year. Ever since I found out about it, I have wanted to go. "For six days, Amsterdam will be a vibrant exhibition of historic ships and nautical heritage. During SAIL Amsterdam 2005, about 20 Tall Ships are expected in Amsterdam harbour, together with 500 historic sailing and motorboats."

I've seen pictures of past SAILs, which I'm sure don't do it justice. How can you not be awed by visions like this or this or this or even this?

I don't know where my penchant for being on the water comes from. (On... not in.) Weekends on grandpa's sailboat, most likely.

I'm going to Florida. I packed this morning. I have to go home and get what I forgot.


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