Sunday, August 26, 2007

Busy Being Silly
Sometimes it's good to just go completely over the top... that's what I think anyway. So three months ago, when I started looking at the footage of our little holiday, I thought it could be edited down into something watchable. Over the months, it has gotten a little... out of hand. And now it is 30 minutes of pure cinematic greatness including interviews, cut-aways, and a musical montage to A-ha's "Take on Me". And then there is also the bloopers and cut scenes and the slideshow.

Yesterday Hans color-graded the whole thing and did an animated intro and animated supers. It's heading into ridiculous territory considering it's a home movie. But we're production company people, and this is now apparently what we do.

So umm... tonight we're having the premiere, since Dan & Lisa haven't seen it at all yet. We've got a make-shift red carpet. We've got a bottle from our champagne stockpile. (For some reason people seem to give us champagne, and we don't really care for it... so it just gets added to the stash.) Hopefully it will be met with 5-star reviews.


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Aug 26 2007, 07:59 am

what about the movie you were making on your trip here?

3:18 PM  

Aug 26 2007, 10:22 pm

You know, I KNEW you were going to bring that up. Problem is that I'm not sure we have enough footage to put something cohesive together. Lots of random bits with lots of giant holes. But I'll burn a dvd of the Great Dog Caper, if you must see it. Haha.

3:18 PM  

Aug 31 2007, 08:46 am

i wish i could've been there to see it! :(

3:19 PM  

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