Monday, June 18, 2007

Linky Links
Holly's Plate: she finds such fun, cute stuff... and has Anthropologie Thursdays. I mean, is this someone after my own heart, or what? *ahh... just waiting for the day that my stores ship internationally without requiring my firstborn as payment*

Though I must say that I am starting to find some cute items that suit my decorating taste. Hans bought me a little candle shade the other night... (I think that's what they're called. It's a little porcelain dome that is illuminated underneath by a tealight...) I apparently have a lot of guilt money coming my way after I approved his computer purchase a couple weeks ago. He also bought me a lavender plant and two bunches of roses (peach and orange) at the markets. I love my coffee table display at the moment!

MattBites: a food stylist with gorgeous food photos and yummy-looking recipes.

Ice Cream in a Bag: not that I'll ever get around to trying this simple recipe...

dandruff: an Australian in Canada with the proper recipe for Lemon Lime & Bitters. (I bought my first bottle of bitters on Saturday. Wheee!

U.S. Stuff
Firstly, I forgot to mention that I got a letter from my pals at the IRS two Fridays ago saying that I hadn't paid my taxes. Now, I know I'm usually last-minute, but this year I even started way back in March. So I had to spend my whole weekend hyperventilating about it, because my parents were out of town. Finally called them on Monday to tell my bank co-signer (aka Mom) about the deal and had to wait until Tuesday to find out what she found out.

What did she find out? Oh, that my payment was taken from my account on the 10th of April. That's good news, of course, except that I now had to call the IRS. From here.

Turns out that they have a really great system for overseas calls. An automated system answered on the second ring. I went through two menus and was on the phone with a real live person two rings after that.

My dear IRS friend Joe said that my payment was received on the 10th of April. I agreed and then asked what the letter dated May 28 was about. "Oh, there must have been some crossover between when the payment was received and when they issued the letters." 48 days-worth of crossover? Pthht... whatever. At least it's not my problem anymore.

Winter Picnic
I'm also in the process of planning our second-annual Freezing Fourth of July Family Picnic. Last year was so much fun, we decided to do it again.

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