Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Three Things That Keep Me from Posting
1. The heat.
2. The work.
3. The ants.

The Plague
I've mentioned my ant issues at least once before, but the past couple weeks have proven to be too much for me. I prefer to live with a nice, clean, bug-free kitchen... otherwise I simply do not want to cook. Knowing bugs may possibly have been roaming free on those surfaces makes me want to scrub everything down before using it ever again.

So recently we've had ants showing up everywhere, and yesterday I broke down and cried. Not only were they in our kitchen, but they got into our food. And it's not like the food was setting out; I'm talking about unopened packaged food that was in a cupboard. And not just any cupboard; I'm talking about the Homesick/American Food cupboard. (It pained me to throw out two boxes of wheat thins, a box of jello-brand cheesecake, and two boxes of velveeta, among other things. I cried.) Not just once, but we found them three times in various places yesterday, and I'm over it.

We're finding an exterminator.

Here We Go, Bullets, Here We Go!
Friday night I went to my first Brisbane Bullets basketball game. The people I went with, on the other hand, went to their first basketball game. First. Ever. You know it's a sad day, when I am the resident expert on any sport.

I got to explain everything... from the big arc that divides the three-point zone from the two-point zone to the concept of tip-off to the shot clock to the universal gesture for traveling. It was awesome.

It was a pretty exciting game too. The local heroes have had a record-breaking season that landed them in the NBL Grand Finals. I believe this would be equivalent to the NBA Finals, but as Dan said, if the players were any good they would have been recruited to the States by now. Harsh... but possibly true? (see Luc Longley and Andrew Bogut for starters)

Men Be Warned
If feminine personal hygiene products offend you, go ahead and skip to the next header.

I must say, when it comes to dealing with "that time of the month", this company does it right. Moxie is an Australian company with, dare I say, the cutest feminine products. Panty Liners in cute little tins? So cute. And I especially love one of their posters that read: Have a Beautiful Day in Hell. Anyway, that's my little endorsement.

Speaking of Endorsements
Go love Gotye. Add the myspace. Better yet, add this myspace to throw a vote that direction. Go watch the amazing video. Thank me later.

A Conversation
Him: (upon eating one of his first Bottle Caps ever) Wow, the root beer ones really taste like root beer.
Me: And the snozberry ones taste like snozberries!



May 04 2007, 09:50 pm

Came across your blog and have been getting a good laugh. Had to comment of the "feminine products". This must be a backlash for Always' ad slogan on their little sticky tabs that say, "Have a happy period". First time I saw that while sitting on the toilet I thought, "those assholes, who came up w/that?" But I like your brand better, at least it's realistic. Thanks for the laughs!
cory in seattle

11:42 AM  

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