Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dead-Ant-Dead-Ant Dead-Ant
I'm too lazy at this point to go back and see whether I mentioned my ant issues before, but it's all I can think about today. Apparently ants are just a part of Queensland life. (Though I beg you then to tell me why we didn't have them at Chris & Marj's.) I've also noticed that they come out in droves on rainy days. This makes me gag.

Yesterday it rained.
Yesterday they found my half-drunk Coke can again.
Yesterday I fought back.

We have this plant out front that I call the Giant Aloe, because that's what it looks like and frankly I'm not really interested in what its actual common name is. See lower left of picture below:

The ants' lair is in the center of that plant, and they have an ant freeway system going to and from it. One branch of the freeway goes down one of the leaves and up the tree next to it. The other branch goes out the opposite side, under the stairs, and along a wooden plank. Then it splits, and one end goes up the post to the corner of the veranda upstairs, and the other goes along the wall and into a crack under the house.

So I bought some Ant Killer Liquid at the store yesterday, and I squirted it all over their little Path of Evil. Die, little creatures, DIE!

It's really sick, because when you put it out there, they swarm to their death, sweet death, which comes soon... but not before the fiestiest of them bring back the poisoned offering to their queen.

All that to say, there wasn't a single one on the veranda this morning, and those that were out on the plant were moving in slow-motion. I can't wait to get home and see if there are fewer still. Hooray!

Newest Addiction
We can't stop watching Veronica Mars. I had seen a couple of episodes in the States, but not in consecutive order, so I didn't know the big-picture storyline. Oh my gosh. We're halfway through the first season, and we're torn between sitting down and watching the whole thing or rationing it out for fear of reaching the end too soon. Love it!

Post Project Runway Recap: Spoilers, I'm Sure
I may have to watch it again to remember all the details, but most of the dresses were completely forgettable. I can't wait until a few more people are eliminated so that they can focus on more than just the two potential top dresses and the two potential bottom ones.

Angela/Roz bugged the CRAP out of me, but after showing so much of her being a painus, I knew she couldn't possibly be eliminated. Dare I say I felt bad for Malan?

The pitch: Angela doesn't sketch? How can she not sketch to pitch a gown? I know that Chloe supposedly didn't do sketches either, but she managed to do SOMETHING when pitching her lingerie idea to Heidi. Ack. Anyway, how cre-ee-eeee-py was Keith when he was talking about making the dress fitted, and he was all cupping her boobs? Hello! Gah.

As for the winner, could it have been anyone BESIDES the pageant dress designer? I mean, for real. The only other dress I can remember, besides the "log" dress is Laura & Michael Knight Rider's... but it seemed a little swimsuit-esque to me. But that's me.

Oh, and also, did they deliberately make a background tune reminiscent of the Knight Rider themesong to play whenever Michael is on screen or is my mind playing tricks on me? Or is it the same song as always? I can't remember. Time to get our DVD back. *AHEM... Oh you, who reads this but does not comment.* :)


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