Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why It's 10:45 12:30, and I'm on My Third Fourth Coffee
Due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control, I am at Hans's office and have been since precisely 6:38... in the morning. I'm going with Dan & Lisa to watch our dog at the races tonight, and it's easier for them to get me from here. Hans has rehearsal tonight (it's Rocktober, y'all) and had to bring all of his gear into the city, so we got a ride from Dan this morning. And because of the local traffic fiasco, he wanted to leave our neck of the woods by 6:00. Mmm, joy. So I've been surfing the net. See below.

Watercoloring: More for Me than You
As I mentioned last week, I'm trying to get back into keeping a journal of sorts. While I have a style (scribbles, quotes, doodles, taped/stapled objects, etc.) that I'm sure to stick to, I was looking around for further inspiration. I found it at Illustrated Watercolor Journaling.

I've dabbled with watercolors a bit in the past, but not having any real training, I was only happy with one I did of a yellow iris. Two of my favourite Dutch artists, Rien Poortvliet and Marjolein Bastin, do watercolors though. I think the medium can be very striking.

But that Illustrated Watercolor Journaling place is great. I'm tempted to order the DVD just to hear their methods. I'd love to try it, but where do I find the time to not only observe but then to sit and sketch and paint as well. I just wondered if they work from photos or memory or if they carry their supplies with them at all times. But I love their work, especially the maps.

They also have some great links, some of which I'm posting here for my own reference:
The Watercolor Traveler: One of their students who has done well
Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory: Must. Get.
Danny Gregory: Must. Put. on. Sidebar.

More links I've found as a result of those links:
Pedalpower's Flickr set: lots of journal pics, now I really want a Moleskine
En Route Journaling: Flickr group
Anecdote: look into more later
Notebookism: another
Kikki-K: cute paper place with a shop downtown

Oh my gosh, there are so many more, but I'm hungry and want to get lunch now. This madness will likely continue tomorrow, or later today, but like I said, it's for me.

Australian Spring
But here are a few pics I took yesterday.

Silky Oak tree in bloom out front.

The pink bougainvillea on the fence to the side of the driveway.

Then I noticed these golden spider silks.
Pretty, for a spiderweb.

Which belong to this Golden Orb spider.
Their webs really do cast a golden shine.


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