Thursday, October 12, 2006

Time to Remodel
I've only made minor template changes over the last five years, and today I was struck with horror at how crappy this place looks. May have to make some changes around here.

Bastard Creatures
I don't know why I can't remember these stupid bugs from last year, but we seem to be plagued with midges. (That's midg-ees, contrary to the popular pronounciations of "bridges" and "fridges".) Apparently there is a new breed migrating to Brisbane, and I think they got as far as our house yesterday and stopped. I had so many welts on my hands yesterday. It's ridiculous. I hate summer here.

The Written Word
At first I thought I wanted this Ticket Stub Diary, but then I realized that the books I stick my stubs in are probably more interesting. (Though we can't see inside, so it's hard to tell.)

On that note, I'm going to try to be better about physically writing again. I don't like to call it journalling, because that feels so diary-like to me. But the last few blank books I've filled with short thoughts, observations, doodles, and little things to glue down. I'm going to start doing that again.

To that end, I found this site that I'm going to keep tabs on: Journal Writing Tips with a Twist.

I'm also excited to death for the Notebook 2007 Diary. It's so pretty, and I can't wait for 2007 now.

Notes from a New Country: a Canadian, but he came to Australia just a couple weeks before I did. I'm finding that he's had quite a few of the same observations.

Market Flowers
I have kept my gerberas alive from two weeks ago. I really should take a picture. My cilantro (known as "coriander" here) is going to town as well. I may just be turning into a gardener yet! I looked at some more gerberas today, but I got a bouquet of carnations instead.

Shocking. I know. I hate carnations. The only thing I could probably hate more would be carnations with a sprig of baby's breath and a fern leaf. But for some reason these were beautiful to me. They are this perfect buttery-cream color, and they do smell nice. I should have gotten two bunches, as they are a little sparse in my vase, but they'll make me smile for a few days regardless.

Like my ribbon, Laydes? :)


Oct 14 2006, 03:23 am

hey nice ribbon! i'm so glad you could use it again fellow ribbon lover! only 1 week till dreamworld (and more importantly 'step up' the movie) teehee!

8:11 PM  

Oct 16 2006, 12:48 pm

I keep forgetting that you live on the OTHER side of the world. How do the seasons line up with the months there?

(And I am a ribbon-lover as well. I've been having all of these crafty parts of my personality coming out lately. It's both strange and wonderful. I'm talking scrap-booking, stamping, making cards...everything. I'm just embracing it...why resist?)

8:12 PM  

Oct 16 2006, 07:05 pm

Holy cow... you're a stamper? I was just talking to Manda on the weekend about scrapbooking and how it's something I would be inclined to do if it were less of a craze. You've always been pretty arty though, so I imagine that your creations are quite lovely!

Oh, and I haven't quite figured out the seasons yet, because they only seem to have two... hot and hellishly hot. There are a few cool days in July, but it didn't seem to qualify as a season to me, and certainly shan't be called "winter" in my book.

8:12 PM  

Oct 17 2006, 06:36 pm

ooooo la de da! look at this place y'all! all purdy like....

ps. leave our seasons alone ok! heheh just because you can't breath in summer 'cause its so humid doesn't mean its bad! ;)

8:12 PM  

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