Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mucus: Now in Technicolor!
All signs are pointing to some sort of sinus infection.

Top Seven Reasons I Haven't Posted Much Lately
1. The aforementioned immune system issues.
2. The impending closing of my office.
3. The resulting job search or rather lack thereof.
4. The tour starting tomorrow night.
5. The missing of Someone.
6. The roommate hunting.
7. The sheer lack of internet interest. -- ever want to see your favourite stars hocking goods in Japanese television commercials? Now you can!

Along those lines, it seems that Steamboy isn't playing anywhere around Nashville. However, this is fine, because I totally saw it in the theatre last October. ;) (Except it really didn't have the English dub at that time.)

Confessions of a Stationary Addict
I love paper. I completely do. And the sad thing is that I don't send as many handwritten notes as I ought... especially considering my arsenal of notewriting supplies. That does not stop me from watching my favourite paperie for new Lulu items. The new Cafe Notes are so me!

When you're bored, read *catapult.

Song for the Day
Don't Dream It's Over
- Crowded House
RIP Paul Hester.


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