Sunday, December 27, 2009

My love spoiled me completely though, so I can't complain. Woke up Christmas morning to a birthday card with tickets for us to see James Taylor in April. I cried. Couldn't be more thrilled!

We've found a stray kitten. Well, it found us. It was at the end of the driveway behind a bin last night mewing in the rain. He's maybe three months old, not too scrawny, but has fleas a-plenty. He had a couple cuts on his rear that we wiped clean, and then we reluctantly put him back in case he has a home to get back to.

But this morning, he was outside the kitchen door waiting for a hand-out. We left for the day, and he was still there when we got home tonight.

We'll get him a flea treatment and call the shelters and put up signs at the local shops tomorrow. However, I'm happy to take him into our home if no one responds. He really has a sweet disposition, and we'd been talking about going to the shelters after Christmas to adopt anyway.




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