Sunday, October 04, 2009

Making Coffee
Two weeks ago, I noticed that the coffee tree out back was filled with bright red cherries. After a little bit of online research, I thought it might be fun to give homemade coffee processing a try. (In hindsight, "fun" is not the word I would actually use anymore.)

You can see each stage of the process in my Flickr set. My thumbs are raw from taking off the parchment this afternoon. I hope to roast next weekend.

Coffee Cherries


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I'm flicking through the photo set as I drink my Cuban beans (freshly roasted and sent via a kind friend to LA, where I picked them up and brought them home...) and thinking that you are just the most domestic-goddessy of all my friends.

I wish we were neighbours so we could take turns creating such delights as these.

8:55 AM  

Can you imagine? Let's be neighbours! How can we make that work? I can think of nothing more delightful.

10:02 AM  

Neat! We were given a bag of the parchment from a local cafe to use as mulch in our garden. Seems to be working well so far. :)

11:23 AM  

hmmm i keep trying to think of a way that doesn't include me moving to australia. I'll compromise and stay in NZ. hehehehe.

4:22 AM  

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