Friday, May 01, 2009

Lost in Translation
woop woop (whup whup)
n. the middle of nowhere
"They're going out to Woop Woop for a camping weekend."

I think this is my first Lost in Translation for the year, and it's probably because the Australian slang is becoming so familiar to me. (One might say TOO familiar.) I used "woop woop" in conversation today, and my colleague didn't blink an eye even though I felt quite proud of myself.

He then asked what the American equivalent would be, and I can't even think of one! Is there one? All I can think of is a rather rude acronym involving Egypt, but I feel like there IS a common one out there that I'd use in front of my mother. Help me, people!



I think BFE is probably the closest, really. There are various regional equivalents though. My college roommate was from Boston and she used to refer to "west of Worcester" as, like, the back of beyond.

2:57 PM  

BFE. Another one I had heard, though I never use it, is "Out where Jesus lost his sandles."

12:06 AM  

I had to google BFE....funny!

10:43 AM  

Aha! I've got the one I was thinking of... we would always say that someone lived out in the Boonies or Boondocks.

1:11 PM  

Our equivalent is close...

Whop whops.

Or occasionally shortened to Whops.

"in the Whops".

Pronounced "wah-ops".

7:20 AM  

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