Friday, May 08, 2009

Hometown Tourist
Recently my brother-in-law asked if we were going to do any sight-seeing while we're in the States. My immediate response could have been perceived as abruptly in the negative.

He seemed a little offended that we didn't intend to do so. And I felt a little offended that he would even suggest that the point of our trip be anything but to catch up with family and friends.

I mean, my younger nephew just graduated from PRESCHOOL. He was barely walking when I moved here. I have serious catching up to do. I want to sleep in my old room. I want to eat my grandma's cooking. I want to keep my best friend company on her drive home from work every day. THAT, my dear brother-in-law, was the point of the trip.

But... that was until I saw this article about Captain Kirk's future birthplace being in Iowa. I wouldn't begin to consider myself a Trekkie, but how awesome would it be to say we'd been there, done that, and bought the keychain.

This got me thinking about the other campy roadside attractions around northwest Iowa where I could drag my dear husband. has been a goldmine of places I've been or heard of plus a bunch that are completely new to me. So we may need to work these into our itinerary:
* The Grotto of the Redemption: West Bend, IA
* The National Music Museum: Vermillion, SD
* 1880 Town: Murdo, SD
* The Buddy Holly Crash Site: Clear Lake, IA
* The Alpine Inn: Omaha, NE (eat with the raccoons)
* The Corn Palace: Mitchell, SD
* The Amana Colonies: Amana, IA

Another little joy I discovered? The Western Iowa Wine Trail. Wine! In Iowa! Growing up in a teetotaler household, I had no idea. I'm definitely anxious to find out what the great corn state is doing for vinoculture.

We might have a little more to fit in during this trip than I originally thought!



Why are there no Florida destinations on your list?
Miss you!!! I can't wait to talk to you on my way home, either.

10:33 PM  

Because I consider Florida to be one giant roadside attraction.

6:53 PM  

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