Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome to the Neighbourhood
We have some new neighbours. I'll give you a cute, little hint.

Goat Tail

Not just one. No, more like 13 and possibly more. Here's a small sampling:

Hi Goat

Goat Munch

Billy Goat

I kinda love these stinky little goats. One was extremely pregnant, so I expect we'll be seeing a little one soon. Frida seemed a bit skeptical. She was ready to defend our jasmine with a peck on the nose if need be.

Frida & the Goats

(P.S. Feel better, Tash!)

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thanks hon. yeah - starting to feel better, but forgot my glasses, watch and rings today... so maybe head is a little foggier than I thought.

7:40 AM  

They ARE stinky. We had one when I lived in Arkansas for a brief nanosecond. I can't help but want to pet one though when I see one. I bet the baby will be cute. Have you ever seen the fainting goats??

2:47 AM  

Yes! Those fainting goats are so cute in a very alarming way. Poor things.

1:08 PM  

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