Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Not Down with the Sickness
Because I am totally awesome and stuff, I got me a computer virus last night. Fun times ensued. And though the virus is now gone, a possible pre-existing condition has flared, and the computer will no longer boot on command. It's more of a "I'll start when I'm good and ready, thank you very much, and that may not actually be today" sort of situation.

So I pretty much want to die, because I have three years of non-backed-up photos and video on there. (I AM aware that this makes me a stupid person. Please don't leave comments to remind me.)

There is hope, because the one time it did start again, I was able to burn off one year of photos. So at least I know things are still there and in tact. I just won't breathe easily until they are all safe and sound on a drive that ISN'T going into self-destruct.

I was going to get a little Lacie Rugged drive to take to the States, so I can copy over all my cds. Looks like I may get it sooner than later. (Plus it's orange. How cute!)

On a happier note, I am loving this French herb dryer. Le sigh. If I had that, I would definitely use Straight from the Farm's advice on preserving fresh herbs.

By the by, Australians say the "h" in "herbs", and I think I say it now too. But anytime I consciously say the word, I have a hard time remembering which way to say it.

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I am sad for you. My laptop crashed not once, not twice, but THREE times when I had photos on it and I hadn't backed them up. I lost tons of vacation photos and photos of friends. You would think the pics on my laptop would be backed-up now, right?

What can I say? I'm really lazy.


1:44 AM  

Ugh, that's the worst. I don't even print off any of my digital pics anymore. It's such a bad habit.

But thankfully Hans got it started in some sort of safe-mode that allowed me to drag off about 40 gigs onto my shiny new external drive. Ugh.

5:49 PM  

I like the way they say hach for h too.

3:55 PM  

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