Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Finale
Well the album writing challenge is complete. The guys are off mastering it today... which means I get to use the computer that works!

Open That Bottle Night
I was just reading about OTBN on Serious Eats. The idea started 10 years ago to make February 28 that "special occasion" for which you've been saving that one particular bottle of wine. Not all wines can be saved forever, so tonight's the night to open that bottle. There's even going to be a live Twitter tasting.

I think we have a bottle off sparkling wine that we got for our wedding. Neither of us are super sparkling fans though, so it went into the cupboard. Maybe I should get that one in the fridge!

Camera Bag Tips, Anyone?
I'm already thinking about packing for America and trying to decide how many of our gadgets need to come with us. I'm obviously bringing my camera, but the thing I don't love about it is that the bag is big and bulky. It seems ridiculous to pack the whole bag inside my carry-on... but I'm going to need more than a camera bag to carry on with me.

I need a camera bag that can double as a purse. No. What I really want is a purse that can double as a camera bag. Can anybody help me out?

Must hold camera body, medium size lens (preferably attached), small external flash, cords for charging & connecting, extra disks and lens cleaner, etc. Must also fit make-up bag, wallet, travel papers, and other purse-like items.

I've been looking at Crumpler, because I've wanted one for a while, but the only one that seems like it's along the line is the Brazillion Dollar Home. But is that too honking big to lug around? I don't know.

Other cute bags...
Acme Bowler Bag... adorable, but no spare room.

Jill-E... well I don't super love this one. It's a bit "nashville soccer mom" to me, but I like the polka-dot inside. But again... where do I put the rest of my stuff?

♥ Or maybe I should just make my own, like this person.

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that would be my recommendation. it's supercomfy too and has plenty of space for other knickknacks.

i have one.

12:51 PM  

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