Saturday, January 03, 2009

Anthropologie Does Gardens?
In recent years, I have grown very attracted to the idea of tending the earth and nurturing plants and generally being more of a green thumb instead of a brown thumb(?). I have two plants thriving indoors even though I just discovered that the root system of my third was eaten by worms. I also have several on the veranda that haven't died yet. I can't wait to start my herb garden. Et cetera, et cetera.

Today I was getting some of my Daily Danny, and he posted about terrariums at a store called Terrain:
Terrain is a new concept store by the people behind Anthropologie, with a focus more on gardening, household plants and all the lovely accessories that go along with raising and growing plants at home.
If ever I need another reason to move back, I think this might just be it. I love (and I mean loooooove) Anthropologie, so I can only imagine what Terrain is like. Danny's posting photos soon. Eee!

A Comment about Comments
My old comment system quit service a little while ago. I knew it was going to happen, but then I kind of forgot. I could have downloaded my old comments and moving to some system that would allow me to import them, but there was that little bout of forgetfulness, you see. So instead of forgetting about them altogether, I thought I might move them over individually. It's not that I have all that many, and they are fun to look through again.

That being said, if you care to leave a comment, use the link to the left. You'll find out soon enough that the link on the right doesn't let you comment anyway. I don't like how the comments look at the moment, but I can't be bothered with fixing them right now.

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