Saturday, October 25, 2008

Since Last Time...
... my Tash has been here;
... we got a new tv and Lego: Batman, which consumes us;
... one or both of us has been sick almost every day;
... I have barely looked at websites not news or weather related, except Facebook. There's always time for Facebook, yeah?

I'm Excited About...
... Coles Online: this is going to change my LIFE! Shopping for groceries FROM MY COUCH, and then they will magically appear at my door at any time I desire??!! I love you, Coles. If only you stocked Method, I would never go anywhere else again.

... our new chook pen. Frida is completely too big for the cage set-up we had on the veranda, so we bought her the super-deluxe, A-frame chicken tractor. She is spoiled.

... but she is LAYING EGGS. Did I mention this before? We've got eggs coming literally and figuratively out the wazoo. So if you're in the Brisbane area and want some yummy eggs from a happy chicken, let me know. We can work out some sort of drop off action. EGGS!

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Oct 26 2008, 07:56 am
"EGGS!" hehehe.

7:56 PM  

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