Sunday, September 28, 2008

And We're Done
Wow, so today ends the three-week vacation of 2008. My parents left on Thursday, and I'm still a little bit sad. The introvert in me didn't always love the constant being with people and all the go-go-go we scheduled, but overall, it was so great. I think the best part is just being able to talk to them about stuff now, and they will have a better picture of what we're talking about.

We really did pick up the pace, which was good considering the amount of rich food we also ate. But I am really hoping that we can continue that on our own. Sure we won't be hiking through the Bunya Mountains or walking along the rocky shores of Western Australia, but it's not too much trouble to find a park or bush trail around here.

I also have had a bite from the travel bug. I'm excited about finding new treasures in new places, even places close to home.

That being said, I've heard about a new park, we've got the foodstuffs for a picnic on hand, and we have yet to try out our new picnic blanket. Today might just be the day!

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