Monday, July 28, 2008

Here in My Car I Feel Safest of All
It's New Car Day! Hooray! We have the day off, and I thought we would sleep in and then go later in the afternoon. But no, I think I was awake by 7:30 and raring to go. It's so exciting. Our CAR is parked underneath me as I type. We went and got groceries in OUR CAR. I went through three roundabouts in OUR CAR. I'm ready to take a roadtrip in OUR CAR!

We're a little split on the name. I wanted it to be sort of "Man from Snowy River" themed, since it is a Colt. The thing is that I can't remember any of the horses' names from the movie. Bess was the one who died at the beginning, right? And then I'm not sure any of the other ones had names. Just "the Brumbies", I think.

But we've got it narrowed down to either Clancy or JESSICA!. Not Jessica. You have to say it like you've just spent the night looking for her in the rain. JESSICA! Maybe the car can have two names. Clancy for when it's behaving well, and JESSICA! when it's giving me grief.

In Other News...
* It's fricking FREEZING.

* Hans's tante and oom from Holland are in town this weekend. I can pick up only the slightest bit of their Dutch, but they are such a hoot. We're arranging a visit with them in 2010 when we go for Sail Amsterdam.

* As a thank-you for watching my in-laws' pets last week, I was given some Soul Food Kitchen Cajun Spices. So last night we made red beans and rice. With the Cajun blends that I've found here, I usually put in two Tablespoons to get it to my heat level. So I did the same with my new stuff. OMG. We nearly died. I thought my lips were going to swell shut. I think Hans was hallucinating. I'm scared to try it again. It definitely is NOT the Australian version of spicy; it's legit.

Linky Links
Dutch Word of the Day -- I'm newly recommitted to learning the Dutch that I abandoned quite a while ago.

CraftGossip -- lots of crafty ideas, and from there I found Jon's Thread Escapades, a blog about tatting. I started learning to tat from my Grandma years and years ago. That's another thing I feel like I should consider taking up again.

Vinyl Record Headbands -- here's a craft for Alyda!

Cake Wrecks -- I can't remember where I found this one, but it shows when cake decorating goes wrong, all wrong.

Basic Instructions -- Another one I've had open for a few days, so I can't remember where it came from. But it's a pretty funny webcomic. (Even though I hate them for not having their top banner return to the home page. Who doesn't do that?)

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Jul 29 2008, 08:48 am
when we lived in dayton, we had a pond right outside our patio in the back...and we would often see a little beaver either swimming around, or onshore gathering grass for his dam...he was really cute, and we named him clancy. :)
congratulations on YOUR CAR!!!!! whoooo!!!

8:10 PM  

Jul 29 2008, 09:10 am
and OH MY GOSH that cake blog is hilarious. did you also go to the blog of unnecessary quotation marks? i am having the best morning right now. thanks! :)

8:10 PM  

Jul 30 2008, 04:03 am
Ahh yes! I "love" that quotes page. It's so "funny"!

8:10 PM  

Jul 30 2008, 10:21 pm
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes I did start my message with exclamation marks) I am so excited! Come and visit me :D

8:11 PM  

Jul 31 2008, 06:59 am
Soon! I'm working up to the northern suburbs yet. Stopped at Indooroopilly on the way home today. We felt like two kids on a hot date. I almost messaged you to find out what model your GPS is. We had a little look at them, but I think the Refidex is going to have to work until we've replaced out temperamental washing machine. :(

8:11 PM  

Aug 06 2008, 02:49 pm
oh.. .. Jay and I are so at Sail Amsterdam. We wanna try the "legit" Cajun blends. Hans hallucinating after tasting it?! That's just crazy talk.

8:11 PM  

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