Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mmm, Tasty
I've been a bit unwell this past week. In fact it was exactly a week ago I was sitting slouched in my chair at work saying that I felt yucky. I then proceeded to spend the next five days on the couch. Changing from one pair of pajamas to another.

I also became enthralled with Tasty Planner. It's a really cute little place to post recipes, but then you can also drag your recipes into the weekly planner. This is important for us, because we do our veggie shopping fortnightly, and I need an idea of what we're going to have otherwise a lot seems to end up in the compost.

I only have three recipes up on my profile so far, because I think it looks nicer when they have photos. But you know how hard it is to photograph food in bad lighting, so only foods I've made in the daylight have made it up so far.

I was also given some bad news on Saturday. I seems that one of the little chickens CROWED on Saturday morning, making it less of a girl than the others. We suspect it's Pepper because s/he's got a lot bigger comb than the others.

Apparently there is a chicken exchange program at the grain place, so I may trade him/her in for another little bub. I'm still holding out hope that it was one of the others before we go to such measures.

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