Friday, April 11, 2008

I Guess This Means We're Adults Now
Yeah, so we've had a little somethin'-somethin' in the works for a while now, but as of this week, it is official. Hans and I have partnered with the company we work for to make a new baby company. I like to think it is really Hans's, but I'm sort of along for the ride. It doesn't mean much will change, except that Hans's graphics team will be their own motion graphics company and can hire out more easily to other production companies who don't like the idea of turning to another production company for graphics lest they lose their clients. Or something like that.

There have been some personnel changes at work and all that, so now I'm relieved of a lot of my old stuff and am now just doing the accounts. So I'm getting paid MORE and working LESS; I'm cool with that. Two days off a week? This is the life I was made for! (Hans has even said that he would be thrilled if I wanted to plan a Girls' Long Weekend in Auckland, Brisbane or somewhere in between -- anyone game?!) Though once the baby company starts growing up, it may be back to four or even five days depending how many responsibilities I pick up.

Of course, we also have a CD release date -- June 20, hallelujah! So maybe we'll quit everything and be rock stars.

And speaking of which, our friends had a song on Underbelly, this week. Not that I was bothered to watch it, but we're happy for them regardless. Any royalty check is a good royalty check. Thank goodness for Dawson's Creek re-runs.

Little Joys
♥ I found out today that I only have $800 left on my student loan for my one year of private higher education. I'm paying off that lump sum headache tomorrow!

♥ I was gifted three pre-loved Bill Bryson books. I already have his full collection. Somewhere. In a box. In the back of a closet. In IOWA. I'm happy to have these on hand for a re-read. (Particularly since there's no such thing as a bargain book in this country.)

♥ I love these posters. Teehee. (via the knack)

♥ Though the Australian dollar is extraordinarily high at the moment, I might be learning towards sending my mom (or someone in FLORIDA) to Bed Bath & Beyond to get this butter keeper instead of the expensive handmade ones. Does that make me a bad person?



Apr 11 2008, 01:52 pm
If you figure out how to be rock stars and not have to work ever again, cut me in on the deal.

And even though we really don't know each other, I would love to visit you in Australia (provided my nerves could survive the flight).


9:56 PM  

Apr 11 2008, 05:09 pm
oh my goodness.. see i can't believe i didn't know about this which just tells me that our last phonecall was way to selfish. oh my goodness we are both business people now. this is totally awesome and i'm completely stoked. yay.

and definitely keen on girls weekend in brisbane. sign me up.

9:56 PM  

Apr 12 2008, 03:31 pm
i'm coming with aimee!
congratulations on the baby company! so exciting! and the cd! woo!
one more--and the student loan! triple woo! that gives me hope!
aaron showed me the posters it bad that i like the one with the "f" word the best?
love you!

9:57 PM  

Apr 12 2008, 10:13 pm
You're all very welcome to come. Having spent one quality night of music together, Aimee, I definitely think you're on the guest list here at Chez Australiana. My parents have just bought their tickets though, so I may need to start taking reservations so we don't get overbooked. :D

9:57 PM  

Apr 14 2008, 03:00 pm
That was a good night of music. You turned me into a Mute Math fan. And we bonded over our Hyundais! I plan on driving mine until it blows up, which might be soon.

9:57 PM  

Apr 14 2008, 06:10 pm
*whines* I wanna come to Australia!

9:58 PM  

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