Tuesday, April 08, 2008

About the time I think I'm going to post regularly, upload all these new photos, maybe even redesign things around here, that's when I get too busy to post even once in a while or take my camera out of the bag.

It's good though. (I think...) I'm doing some extra work on the side for one of our clients who needs transcripts done of some footage they shot for a "supernanny"-like program. Some of it is just straight pieces to camera, but the children interacting and carrying on has been quite grueling.

I spent the entire weekend working on them with only a few minor breaks for food. From Friday night to Sunday night, I got 5.5 tapes done and was quite pleased with the accomplishment. The only problem is that I have four and a half left to do. Well, three after my work so far today. *sigh* It's paying off my camera. That's what I have to keep reminding myself.

But while I'm taking a little break for sanity's sake, these are some links to remind myself later. (Most are probably from Not Martha, but I've got a dozen tabs open and have lost track now.)

Open Faces Egg Salad & Watercress Sandwich: even though I'm not a super egg-salad fan, this is making my mouth water.

Favourite Egg Recipes: as I hope to have fresh eggs soon, if Pepper doesn't turn out to be a rooster.

♥ For the girls, Mon.thly: Keep track of when Aunt Irma is due to visit next. (And if you haven't seen this episode of The IT Crowd, do yourself a favour.)

(And yes, I'm aware that I'm now spelling in British English. I'm trying to get into the habit so that it makes the transcripts easier. I still have no idea when to use "-ize" or "-ise" though.)

Pancetta Cups & Hollandaise, at the cutely named Iron Stef. (Can you tell I'm really into food and cooking lately?)

Gardening in Containers: my sister-in-law has a thriving herb garden in a tub outside. My MIL just started some tomatoes in a bucket, and I'm thinking I need to be getting in on this growing action. I really want to grow chives as they are so hit or miss at the markets lately.

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Apr 09 2008, 09:54 pm
ummm so your twittering tells me that you have news?

9:59 PM  

Apr 10 2008, 06:34 pm
i've always been confused about the -ize vs. -ise thing too. :)

9:59 PM  

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