Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cheep Cheep Cheep
So my mother-in-law gave me a baby chicken. I'm not 100% sure I ever WANTED a baby chicken, but I now have one. (I think this is why the RSPCA doesn't recommend giving animals as gifts... of course, you can't eat a kitten if you decide you don't want it after Christmas is over.)

Her name is Pepper (or Pepertje), and she is an Australorp. And she is going to be big and black and is apparently going to be laying lots of eggs for me. (Again, I'm not sure I ever wanted to have an intimate knowledge of exactly where my eggs come from, but mother-in-law knows best.)

I've never been much of a bird person for many of the same reasons that I'm not a moth or butterfly person. Not so much a fan of things flying at my face. But I have to admit I've fallen in love. I mean, how can you not love this face?

Or this tookus?

I'm now a faithful reader of backyardchickens.com, and I worry about her while I'm gone during the day. She's my little chickie!

With a Note of Sadness
The girl in this article was my niece's best friend. Trial started yesterday. It's just so sad.

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Mar 11 2008, 05:34 pm
oh my heavens! she is adorable! and i love her name! (how many sentences with exclamation marks can i use?! lots, apparently!) what a little sweetie. can't wait to see pictures of her growing up. so will she have a little coop to live in outside, or will she be fully domesticated? :)

10:15 PM  

Mar 11 2008, 06:03 pm
She really is the sweetest thing. And she tweets! It's so cute. I'm not looking forward to her being a chicken that "buckaws". The in-laws are building a coop-like thing behind their house, so she'll live there with the four chicks they just bought.

I think it would be kind of fun to have her around the house, or at least on the veranda. She'll follow me around the house right now. (Though I have to be careful when the kitty is inside.) She's also really darty, and I've nearly stepped on her twice now.

I don't think they can be potty-trained though, which is the main issue for me. Bird poopies in unexpected places.

10:16 PM  

Mar 11 2008, 06:05 pm
Thanks for linking to BYC! Are you a member of our forum? There are about 7,000 people that would love to know more about Pepper!

10:16 PM  

Mar 12 2008, 01:53 am
ok, all i'm saying is.. get used to poop on the stoop. andy and kirsten have chickens.. and there is always poop on the stoop. They are tame things too...

10:17 PM  

Mar 24 2008, 04:28 pm
aww.. chickie butt! I want to pet her fluffy stuff! What a unique gift she is. Umm.. don't tell her you had chicken salad a few days ago :)

10:17 PM  

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