Friday, February 15, 2008

Go, Canada!
In my hometown high school, there was always a bit of a traditional ribbing of Canadians due to the large influx of them every school year. Who knows why my rural Iowa hometown has the college of choice for them? They DO have a hockey team, but until recently they had to practice nearly an hour away for lack of a local indoor rink. While I took classes there with some very lovely Canadians, I've never considered myself to be much of a Canada fan.

Until today, that is, when I found out that several of their cities have a Green Bin Program for organic waste. Everything from food to soiled food papers to plants to kitty litter. Brilliant! Then they turn it into biogas and free compost.

I had wanted to compost for years but never had until I moved here. Now I don't understand why more people don't. Between our recycling bin and the compost, we barely throw anything out. It's so wonderful, and I love them for making it so easy.

Fritterin' Away Their Noontime, Suppertime, Choretime, Too
I received a subscription to Donna Hay for my birthday, and I'm realizing how much I love cooking. I also got the Donna Hay 2008 diary which has two recipes at the beginning of each month featuring fruit or vegetables which are in season at that time.

I've meant to post about January's recipes, both of which were wonderful -- raspberry bircher muesli and blueberry muffins. (I know, I used to claim that I didn't like raspberries. But being 31-year-old, I thought it was time to try them again. Turns out I might just not like raspberry flavoured things.) But anyway I'm just posting now to say that tonight we're having the corn fritters. I've never even made a fritter in my life before, so it will be exciting.

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Mar 19 2008, 12:46 am
Hi there, I am so inspired by Donna Hay, i am organising a Donna Hay Tag, and I was wondering if you would be keen to take part too….
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