Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Thought
I love the way my wedding ring catches the light as I type on days when I've scrubbed it in the morning. I should really remember to do that more often.

Obligatory Heath Ledger Post
I was watching one of the morning shows yesterday when the news came through, and I spent the rest of the day refreshing the local paper website and So sad and shocking. Even more sad that reporters are quick to jump on any detail that might imply something scandalous. (i.e. him being "surrounded by pills"... or really just having bottles of pills in the house.)

I can't really say I've seen any of his work in the last five years though. Oops. I'll have to rewatch Two Hands now after becoming semi-fluent in Aussie slang.

Crafty (& Stuff) Links
DIY Swiffer covers made from fleece or microfiber.

CraftChi: so many cute crafty ideas there. I am so making an apron like this. These embroidery cards are really cute too... if only had I had some thread I needed to store.

Curbly: Make your home a better place. (where I found the apron link)

Real Simple Cleaning Chart -- I've been all about "spring" cleaning lately.

♥ How-to: Fusing plastic bags




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