Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fruit Salad... Yummy Yummy
My husband has a bit of an aversion to fruit due mostly to childhood experiences involving "overripe" fruit. Let's just say... his parents are Dutch. You don't waste food.

The thing was that I knew we were going to have two weeks at home, and I didn't want to be snacking on naughty stuff the entire time. I wanted to have some good snacks in the house too.

So I made my mom's Fruit Soup, albeit the Aussie/Danielle way -- which is to say that this country doesn't always have the ingredients, and I don't always measure. But it is so great and so refreshing, and I'm sharing the recipe here.

Fruit Soup
3 Tbsp Sago (the real recipe calls for tapioca, but I'll be darned if I could find that here)
2 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
2 oranges juiced
2 lemons juiced
(Bear in mind that the lemons were the size of the average sunkist orange, and the oranges were the size of an average grapefruit, you might want one more of each if they are small. The original recipe calls for frozen orange juice and lemonade concentrate, but we don't have that here. I liked the fresh juices just as much.)
1 box frozen strawberries thawed with the juice
1 container/can diced peaches with the juice
2 branches seedless grapes (red and/or green) halved... approximate amount, more or less would be equally good

Put sago, sugar, & water in pan. Boil until sago is translucent. I think I ended up adding more water because of my unfamiliarity with sago, but it was probably fine without.

Remove from heat and add juices and fruits. Stir well and chill. Stir again before serving. Serve in a pretty dish by itself... but it is divine over ice cream.

I had intended to add other fresh fruits from the market, but they weren't very flavoursome. Still it was a hit, and I have even been told that I can make it again. Success!

♥ The photos below were from our Australia Zoo adventure last week. Despite the wind and rain, it was a wonderful day. We saw Terri feed the crocs. Got to see the tiger cubs. I was most impressed that they promote recycling and use real silverware and crockery to reduce waste... love it! I am now reading Terri's book My Steve and relate to it in a weird way.

Lego Batman is coming... eeee!

♥ Two youtube videos you really need to watch: 24: the Unaired 1994 Pilot (omg!) and Trajen is the Movie Font.

♥ We are trying to get back into our jetlagged routine from last year when we got up early and went to bed early and thusly did not suffer in the heat so much on the way to work. We've worked up to 6:00 with 5-5:30 being the goal. I'm a bit cranky.

♥ Even though they don't ship here, I am seriously thinking about getting yoga toes. I have no idea why.

♥ Our illness at the beginning of the holidays is now under suspicion after we returned to work to discover that six of the ten of us who went to dinner that Friday night before were all hating life on Sunday. For the record, I thought the place was skanky the moment we walked in.

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Jan 10 2008, 09:56 pm
Yoga toes! OMG that restaurant employs creepy people. Ew. I feel so bad for you.

10:37 PM  

Jan 16 2008, 02:17 am
ok.. i know full well that you can string words together.. we are playing scrabble right now!! so you really should blog a little bit.. I'm 16 blogs out of 16 days in 08. A record I hope to maintain.

10:37 PM  

Jan 17 2008, 03:42 am
Yeah, but you saw the words I was coming up with... "hmm, I wonder if 'glost' is a word"... presses submit... "sure enough".

10:38 PM  

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