Thursday, January 31, 2008

Come with Me
Not long ago I was watching a program on ABC2 that finished before the hour, so they played music under a scroll of what was coming up. There was one song that caught my ear, and I knew I had to have the album.

The group is Idan Raichel Project. Some would call it "world music" (what kind of label is that anyway?), but they prefer to call is Israeli music.

The song that captured me was called "Mi'Ma'amakim" (Out of the Depths), and it is the first song on their myspace player. It just resolves itself so well. Gorgeous. But it is now the song called "Bo'ee" (Come with Me) that is my favourite. It's the second song on the music player, and while it starts out a bit slow, the rest is seared into my consciousness. I find myself humming at all hours of the day and night. I blame it on the octaval vocals at the end. (Want to make a brilliant song in my book? Throw in a vocal line an octave lower. Mmm... clinches it.)

Anyway, check out the documentary videos on their myspace. Maybe you'll find them inspirational too.

Sadly they aren't heading north enough in March.



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