Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Peri-Peri Po Peri
Oh my goodness, I just received the best news. They are building a Nando's just mere paces from our office. I have only been there three times, I think, but I love it so. It serves as a bit of a Mexican flavour stand-in for me.

Then last week, we discovered that Coles carries the sauces, so we have been sampling them. The first one we tried was medium heat, and let me tell you, we are not sure we'll ever be able to try the hot one we bought. The medium one left us sweating and reaching for the milk.

I saw that they listed USA on the countries for finding the local Nando's website, but in looking at the American site, it doesn't look like there are any restaurants anywhere. But you can go to World Market and give it a try. Mmmm.

Hot Hot Heat
It has become quite dreadful here. Last night all the covers got pushed between us like a third person in the bed. There was much tossing and turning before I broke down and turned on the air conditioner. I really, really hate this weather.

Warhol is Here
We're trying to come up with a few ideas to get us out of the house over our two-week holiday. One possibility is going to the GOMA for the Warhol exhibition. It just happens that Hans and I went to a Warhol exhibit at the Parthenon five years ago when we both lived in Nashville. However, the one here seems to be more expansive.

I also really want to go to the Museum of Brisbane to see this exhibit. A good friend of ours produced and directed the piece, and Hans did the graphics. From what I've heard, it is an extraordinary albeit uncomfortable story.

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