Saturday, December 08, 2007

New Obsession
Last night we got together with some friends for dinner and had such a lovely time. So lovely, in fact, that we looked at the clock with disbelief at about 12:45 and thought we ought to head for home. Good food, great conversation, three baby kitties. And shoes.

Fiona was telling us about the shoes that she bought recently, and I am now in love with a shoe designer named John. John Fluevog. Do any of you girls know him? Do you not love him too? Oh my gosh.

I tried on her Lily Darlings (red & pink, size 7.5, from the only distributer in Australia), and melted into a gooey heap on the ground. Oh. My. Goodness. LOVE THEM!

In some ways, they are almost cartoonish, but I think that's why I'm so attracted to them. I know Manda will hate them -- even though she has a serious need for new shoes. But maybe Brandy or Allison or Erin or Tash can back me up on this new revelation.



Dec 07 2007, 07:38 pm

Hey, wait! Is that my friend Fiona Donovan? Or can there be more than one Fiona with Fluevogs in Oz? :)

12:36 PM  

Dec 08 2007, 05:12 am

There must be two. Fiona's must all have fabulous taste in footwear!

12:37 PM  

Dec 08 2007, 07:51 pm

Technically I am a Fiona as well, but, you know me so well, I do not care for those. Though, I can very much see you wearing them. :-)

12:37 PM  

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