Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So What's Your Deal?
I don't feel bad about not posting, because nobody else is either.
I DO feel bad about never remembering what I INTEND to post.
30 is the new 75 in terms of memory loss, people.

Let Them Eat Cupcakes
I am not a big cupcake fan, mostly because they are made of cake. And the thing I don't like about cake is the frosting, and somehow cupcakes tend to get about twice as much as your ordinary slice of cake.

But I can be persuaded to have one every now and then. I just found Cupcake Project via someone I can't remember (see note above), and those Eggnog Latte Christmas Cupcakes sure look good enough to eat!

Early Christmas Shopping
We bought a few gifts for family on the Catch of the Day Catchathon (continuing today until... I don't know when). But I also got a few things for myself: the ladies toolkit, socks!, and one more item I'm embarrassed to mention.

You see, I have made fun of my best friend for YEARS due to her penchant for getting suckered by infomercials. I'm the first to admit that it's not all crap... but it's just the number of times that the product actually gets used after the first week or two that I take issue with. How many ab-masters, slicer/dicer/can-openers, magical cleaning waters, and the like has she purchased over the years? I don't even know. But it has become a bit of a joke between us.

So yesterday, I broke down and bought the Vacuum Fresh Box. I don't even care if it breaks down in two weeks. If that means I don't have to freeze my bread to keep it from turning into a hockey puck on my counter, then I am totally convinced I've gotten my money's worth. We buy fresh bread at the market and end up freezing half the loaf, but then we've got all this yucky frozen bread to eat. I just want fresh bread... it that too much to ask?


Nov 20 2007, 02:14 pm

Are you going to buy me one of those boxes??? I haven't had any new informercial purchases lately. (Although, I have been wanting to do a colon cleanse from an informercial I saw last month)
Love that cupcake website!

1:29 PM  

Nov 26 2007, 07:28 pm

I had to search far and wide, but I finally found the coffee extract that those eggnog latte cupcakes called for and plan on making them this weekend.

1:29 PM  

Nov 26 2007, 11:29 pm

Holy cow... you're baking?! ;) Nice. I might have to try them too.... sounds sooooo good. I'm wondering what to do to make the cake part a little moister, as she said they were a little dry. Add more butter?

1:30 PM  

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