Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Horse Races
It's Melbourne Cup day. (Once again for the Americans, that's basically the equivalent to the Kentucky Derby except that everybody seems to care.)

So far today we've walked up the street for coffees since our machine here is broken. One of the girls and I stopped at the wedding stationary shop to pick up some sparkley thing to make our own $5 fascinators.

We're doing a bit of work at the moment. Well sorta.

And then we're going out for lunch and watching the race this afternoon. Good times.

A Conversation
We saw a boy on the train with two red strings tied around his wrist. Due to his ethnicity, I asked Hans if he knew if they had special meaning.

Him: They are what we like to call "friendship bracelets".
I give him the "that's crazy talk" look.
Him: That's apparently not the answer you were looking for.
Me: Listen, I KNOW friendship bracelets. I made like an infinity of them in grade school.

This is more along the lines of what I wanted to know.

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Nov 06 2007, 05:17 am

I hope that you didn't a get a bit of carrot stuck in your fascinator...

1:42 PM  

Nov 06 2007, 03:13 pm

mmm.... friendship bracelets. My fingers are getting sore just thinking about them. I would have thought they might be Kabbalah, though.

1:42 PM  

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