Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drink Me
A gourmet deli opened across from the office. It is filled with wonderful delicacies I've only ever seen on Iron Chef. Foie gras, whole truffles in individual jars for outrageous prices, persian fairy floss in weird flavours.

But yesterday, we bought a jar I've had my eye on. Wild hibiscus flowers in syrup. Go look at the website; they're gorgeous. I'm saving them for my birthday, and then we're going to have Wild Hibiscus Ros├ęs (second-to-last recipe on the cocktails page). I'm excited.

In the Papers
Brisbane commuters ought to pick up the MX paper this afternoon. Might see a familiar face in there today -- well, one that's familiar to me anyway. :) Or come see him in person tomorrow night at Ric's.

If you love all things cute and adorable, you're probably reading Oh My That's Awesome! every day anyway, but these little dishes they linked to are so precious. But really, I love everything at that Three Potato Four shop.

I learned there that I want to be a huge fan of Shinzi Katoh. Seriously. I mean, look at these mugs, this bowl, this tray, this mug & dish, and this bag. I'm in love.

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