Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Doin' the Australian Wave
There's a thing here called the Australian wave. It all has to do with trying to shoo flies away from all the open crevices on your body, mostly your head for most, I suppose.

Picture a Sally Struthers commercial. You know those flies that crawl up the kids' noses and make you feel really bad for them? Well, they ain't just in Ethiopia, folks. I don't know if it is all the damp weather this week or what, but they are out here in full-force plague-like proportions. Eww.

And speaking of national waves...

Lost in Translation
Mexican wave
n. an occurrence which often happens at sporting events or large arenas which involves people in one area standing and possibly cheering and then sitting as those to their left do so. The excitement then continues around the arena ad nauseum. Known by North Americans as simply The Wave for obvious politically correct reasons.

"During half-time they started the Mexican wave, and I spilled my popcorn."

Right Brain or Left Brain
Have you all seen the spinning dancer silhouette? Which way does she turn for you? On my first take, she is always going clockwise. Though the other day after much eye-crossing and headache-suffering, I did manage to get her to flip.

I guess I'm a righty, which seems about right.

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Oct 09 2007, 08:13 am

Ok, that dancer is seriously messing me up. I definitely saw her clockwise and couldn't even make myself see her counter-clockwise. I finally broke my mind and saw her the other way...now I can't go back!?! Does this mean I have to see everything logically for the rest of my life. Nooo! Someone get me a priest and a hammer.

2:05 PM  

Oct 09 2007, 05:59 pm

crazy messed up dancer lady with nipples! weird! it keeps switching back and forth for me...sometimes with a blink! so strange. definitely saw it going clockwise for the most part...which would make sense for me...hm...at one point aaron and i were seeing it go opposite ways, AT THE SAME TIME! how does this work????

2:06 PM  

Oct 09 2007, 06:11 pm

Ahaha, we were wondering what was up with the nipples too. Allison, you kill me.

We tried a new theory this morning, because a girl I work with suggested that it was the angle. Because when she was at her own computer looking at it, it was clockwise. But when she was standing behind someone else's computer, it was counterclockwise.

However, she was clockwise for me no matter how I bent and leaned.

2:06 PM  

Oct 10 2007, 02:51 pm

Holy crap, that's kinda creepy. I saw her counter-clockwise for a long time, but kept staring. (all the while thinking it might be an internet hoax and something was about to jump out and scare me) I finally "let go" of my focus, kind of like how you do on those 3-D photos where the image pops out at you. Then I got her to turn. I noticed if you stared at the foot that was on the ground, it was easier to flip back and forth.
Pretty cool!

2:07 PM  

Oct 11 2007, 09:41 pm

Have you figured out why it's called the "Mexican" wave? Is it a reference to some stereotype that I'm not getting?

That illusion is cool. However, it's unfortunate that someone at the Perth paper is promoting this as some sort of left vs. right brain thing. That's SO last century!

2:07 PM  

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