Monday, September 10, 2007

Viva Italia!
Last night we had Italian night. I don't know what drives me to do it, but sometimes I feel compelled to go completely overboard. For example, when making chalupas, I pull out the (cacti?) and put candles in sand and call the place EL GATO'S complete with little menus with a blue cat on them.

Right, so for Italian night, it was a bit disappointing to learn that "cat" is also "gato"... but it is "il gato's" instead. Fine.

After getting some inspiration from eHow's How to Host an Italian Night, we picked up some decorations from the cheap shop. A little ivy and grapes...

A $5 work of art and flowers from the market...

I also got a plastic red-checkered table cloth and an oil jar from the cheap shop. I got to use my little canapé plates for the first time. We had mini dishes with Italian seasoning, salt & cracked pepper at each setting and added olive oil just before the bread came out.

I managed to hunt down a chianti in the wicker-bottomed bottle on Friday to my delight. I really just wanted it for the look, never having tasted it before. It was a nice compliment to the food.

After the olive bread and olives/sundried tomatoes/artichokes, we whipped up the main dish -- my mom's simple yet spectacular fettuccine alfredo dusted with nutmeg and steamed asparagus. (Yes, that's butter. And no, it's not exactly a low-fat meal... but delish!)

We finished off with tiramisu cupcakes from the markets and a lovely Italian moscato d'asti recommended by the friendly man at the bottle shop. (Speaking of whom, I believe he even gave us the chianti for free after looking at our receipt later.)
tiramisu cupcakes

So it was a really fun night. There was lots of laughter and good conversation. We were serenaded by Josh Groban and Pavarotti and good ol' Dean Martin. Good times.

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Sep 10 2007, 08:20 am

You should have told me, I would have sent you my recipie for my chocolate tiramisu cake that's wonderful. Have I made it for you?

3:10 PM  

Sep 10 2007, 05:49 pm

oh my gosh i miss you! you are so cute/fun/creative/cool! :)

3:11 PM  

Sep 10 2007, 06:57 pm

too awesome.

3:11 PM  

Sep 11 2007, 11:20 pm

Fantastic! And what's that playing on the television? An authentic Italian screensaver perhaps?

3:11 PM  

Sep 12 2007, 06:35 am

Ahahaha... not quite. We don't exactly have the stereo system of our dreams, so it was Windows Media player hooked up to the television with one of its exciting visuals to go with the music. We actually did try to change the colors to match the Italian flag but to no avail. Next time we're going to use the slideshow visualization and find some pics of Italy... but I was out of time by that point! :)

3:12 PM  

Sep 14 2007, 03:05 pm

a.m.a.z.i.n.g. You rock my world. Seriously.

3:12 PM  

Sep 27 2007, 01:16 am

What a really cool idea! Hey, your stereo system is a lot like ours.

3:12 PM  

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