Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And.... CUT!
I had to direct pedestrian traffic on a shoot today, and Tash is the only one who may see the ad. So I spent part of the afternoon getting bitten by mosquitoes outside the Queensland Club (WikiMapia) I was going to act like I had a Jack-Bauer-issued ear piece, but then the cameraman gave me a walkie-talkie, so I didn't have to... and considering we took up all of 15 feet of sidewalk, at the MOST, we really could have just yelled to each other. Oh well. It's surprising what you can get people to do when you're holding a walkie-talkie and wearing a high-visibility vest.

We're going to see Harry Potter in Gold Class on Sunday. Too bad Threadless had sold out of the Spoilt t-shirt before we ordered last. Hans said he wouldn't have had the heart to wear it anyway, for those who haven't read the next couple books.

We're both feeling better, thanks! But Hans has some white spots on the back of his throat... *meeer-mow* ...so hopefully that clears up before Thursday.

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Jul 27 2007, 09:34 am

LOVE that "Spoilt" T-shirt!

7:01 PM  

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