Saturday, June 30, 2007

With or Without Rhythm
The cover band is back. I almost missed them, as I haven't heard them practice in weeks. I don't know if they are practicing elsewhere or not, but they don't seem quite as shocking. Except, that is, for their rendition of "With or Without You" that just ended. (That song is everywhere this week.) Just a little suggestion for their drummer... if you're not necessarily THAT good to begin with, don't torture yourself by trying to play it double-time. (I swear the song was over in 45 seconds.)

In Other News
We had a half-day of work yesterday. Seeing as it is the end of the Australian financial year this weekend, the "boss" took us out for an amazing lunch (I didn't even eat supper, I ate so much) and told us to go home. We almost went to see Transformers, but I was too tired and afraid I'd fall asleep. I think we'll be going tomorrow, if we can get out of a family thing. I'm just excited for the theme song -- I'm so proud of those guys.



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