Saturday, June 09, 2007

Video Killed the Blogger
I've spent all my evenings at home working on the vacation video. I don't want to narrate the thing, so we had to do some strategic interview shoots in the backyard that looked slightly rainforest-y. I'm learning Vegas, and it's been working a treat. Though I might end up dumping the footage at work to use a footage stabilizing plug-in, and then everything will look dolly-licious.

And hey, if everything turns out nice, maybe it would be enough to apply for an editor spot at StudioNow.

Poor Little Rapunzel
Yes, Paris is all over the news here too. You can debate all you want about whether she deserves to be there or not, but there is an American in jail who doesn't. Check out

And in Games...
A new DS game that has been keeping us entertained on the train is Picross. I'm zooming through the puzzles, but it is also fun to play together and online. New York Times Crosswords... mmmm. Also can't wait for Settlers. Thus ends your geekery for the day.

It's freezing today, and I think we're going out to the backyard to fly Hans's Spongebob kite he got in his stocking at Christmas.

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