Thursday, May 24, 2007

Over & Out, Good Buddies
Well, it's time to shut down for a few days. We're headed to the mountains for what promises to be a relaxing time... not to mention a little celebrating that little event that happened one year ago on Sunday.

This morning we ran a few last minute errands before work. Took time out to sit for a coffee at Starbucks, something I'm learning that I don't miss quite as much as I thought I did. And then I was given a gift of two purchases at the bookstore. One was a little journal that comes from the same line as these with beautiful brown kraft paper inside. (I'm totally addicted to paper products... but I have the hardest time starting a new book, because I'm afraid to mess it up.)

And I also got the latest edition of the guide to the Wildlife of Greater Brisbane. I'm hoping to see a few new creatures this weekend, so I thought I should have an informational backup as we'll be without Wikipedia.

Have a great weekend. I'll take lots of photos, and probably won't get around to posting them... America, anyone?


May 28 2007, 09:48 pm

did you have a nice anniversary? crazy how fast one year goes by, isn't it? i was really going to try and remember, and ran across your wedding announcement a few days ago, even! mental notes don't work for me, apparently. :/
anyway, love you, and hope it's wonderful in the mountains!

8:30 PM  

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