Monday, May 07, 2007

Mexican JACKPOT!
It is with great joy that I say WE FOUND A REAL MEXICAN RESTAURANT! The owner is a microbiologist from Arizona, so the food is all prepared fresh with a REAL Southern flavour. I had delicious fajitas and tasted the chimichanga, which was great too... with a REAL Tex-Mex kick to it. Oh my goodness.

And we had margaritas, because Dan & Lisa had never had them before. ??? I know.

Overall, the place is a hit -- it's called A Taste of Texas on Middle Street in Cleveland, for anyone in the Brisbane area searching for good Mexican food.

Breakfast Doesn't Get Any Cuter Than This
This morning we had penguin-shaped waffles for breakfast. So cute! And we put icecream and/or whipped cream and mixed berries in their tummies. Oh my gosh. I officially love waffles now.

We went on a little appliance spree the other night. I bought the waffle maker for Hans. He bought the cute air popper popcorn maker for me. And then we got a space heater for the bathroom, as winter is a-comin'.

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May 07 2007, 07:21 am

don't you feel rather cruel eating penguins for breakfast?

9:15 PM  

May 08 2007, 09:13 pm

of course penguin shaped waffles.
of course.

what other shape could there possibly be for waffles? in fact, why are waffles called waffles and not.. dough penguins?

9:15 PM  

May 09 2007, 06:06 pm

*dough penguins* eeeehehee... let me consult with Hans on that one -- I'm sure he'll be on board!

But what was even better is that this waffle maker makes a little hollow for their tummies where you can fill 'em up with cream and good stuff!

Come on over -- we'll have some. ;)

9:16 PM  

May 10 2007, 07:06 pm

hehehe well yes... i have some airpoints i have to use up before they disappear! xx

9:16 PM  

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