Monday, May 21, 2007

Little Lightning Bugs
I found a little place today called Rare Bird Finds, which led me to a place called Catching Fireflies, where I found this amazing jar of "fireflies" that I must have. (Australia doesn't have them at all, you see.)

But then I found a bunch of other things that I love too, so I'm just going to share them since I'll never order them:
the bouncing bud vase
the dip chiller
the blossom crown
the "love at first sight" frame (which would make a great gift for certain someones I know... eeee!)
♥ And no, I'm absolutely not talking about us.
the wine bottle cork candles

Mountain Madness
We're leaving for the mountains on Friday morning, so my life is revolving around getting everything ready to go. Yes, we're staying at a furnished house, but will they have everything I need to survive? I don't know. To be safe, I'm packing half the house... to Hans's dismay. Listen, if we're going to the trouble of bringing nice porterhouse steaks up there to grill, I'm going to be darn sure we have steak knives with which to cut them!

My goal while we are up there is to get a glimpse of a pademelon... some sort of miniature kangaroo/wallaby people keep telling me about.

Sean over at Notes from a New Country keeps a tally of all the things that can kill you on this continent, but I've found a new one. The Bunya Mountains are covered with, wait for it, Bunya Pine trees. And on the government website, it reads:
Avoid lingering under bunya pines between December and March. That is when the soccer-ball sized cones weighing up to 10kg fall from the tops of towering trees.
Great. Hopefully they will all have fallen by now.

Lost in Translation
stack hat (stak hat)
n. bicycle helmet
"What's that lady doing wearing a stack hat in her car?"

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May 21 2007, 09:07 am

ok, who is pregnant?

8:58 PM  

May 21 2007, 06:40 pm

someone's pregnant?
ok you are too cute with your packing. i love it. do you still take your duvet with you?

8:58 PM  

May 21 2007, 07:05 pm

"Stack Hat" ... I'll run it by the authority (my from-down-under brother-in-law).

The last time I mentioned Lost in Translation, Steveo (because you just can't say Steve) had some amusing, but rather unflattering synonyms for us "yanks."

I chalk it up to the Boddingtons, but Steveo's still a good guy!

Anyway, since I'm still here in the South, if you happen to see a "Red-necked Wallaby" (not kidding) in your travels, make sure you get a picture!

8:58 PM  

May 21 2007, 07:17 pm

Manda, manda, manda... we talked about this on the telephone, remember? And I wasn't sure who they had told yet, so it's not my place to exactly publish it on the INTERNET. You were squeeling on the inside, remember?

Tash, tash, tash... I just wanted to say it three times too. :) YES! I'm taking my blankie... it's the warmest bed covering I own. I know it's weird being 30 and still packing a blanket, but I know it's not for security purposes and more thermal issues. :)

Kool, I trust you and your bro-in-law to keep me honest here. In fact, sometimes I'm not even entirely sure when it comes to the definitions. It's like Yiddish or something, where some Australian words just don't have an English equivalent.

For instance, one word/phrase I'm struggling to define is "rock" or "to rock up". From what I understand, it's like going somewhere invited, but I haven't gotten a clear definition yet.

8:59 PM  

May 21 2007, 09:56 pm

yeah, I remembered later when Jack got the email from that person, and told me the news. As Rachel would say (and says quite a lot) "Silly Mommy!"

8:59 PM  

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