Friday, March 30, 2007

Furnishings for Sanity
I have been going mental for the last couple of weeks, because there are items that I know made it back here from the States that have seemingly vanished into thin air. Items like all the paperwork for my new bank account, the decoration from The Iron Gate, and in particular, all the wedding photos I had printed over there.

The ultimate problem is that we live in this cute little house that has no storage whatsoever. No closets. No cupboards except in the kitchen. No nothing. It's driving me crazy. (Bear in mind, in my last townhouse, I even put my dresser INSIDE my closet; it was so big.)

We've done as best we can, but I'm going crazy with the clutter and lack of anything to do with that clutter.

So yesterday, I declared that if Hans is spending the whole weekend with his mistress (read: his video clip), then I want a filing cabinet so I can put some order back into my life. And last night we bought one. Just like that.

We had gone to IKEA last Sunday, and as much as I wanted it to fulfill all of my furniture dreams, it just didn't. The sheer number of people in there made me never to want to ever buy anything from there again. Ever. It made me feel all dirty and trendy.

Last night we went to Freedom, and I fell in love. I want to say it is as close to West Elm as Australia is ever going to get. (As we were jumping from couch to couch, Hans said, "This place makes IKEA look like a cheap whore." So true, my dear. So true.) Not only did we buy a three-drawer filing cabinet on the spot, but we also found the white apothecary cabinet of my dreams. (I'd link to it, but no stores in this country seem to grasp the idea of putting their inventory online, much less making it available to order from this here interweb thing.)

So suddenly we're furnishing our home with real furniture that WE are picking out. It's kind of exciting.

Linky Links
Now Look What You Did: Two great motion graphics pieces that address two of my greatest pet-peeves.

Boomshine: Flash game addiction. Set off chain reactions. I've completed Level 12 twice, but I've never had a boomshine (where you get all the dots).

An Early Conversation
Him: Come ooooon. Geeeeet up. Your coffee is by the bed getting cold.
Me: It's already cold.
Him: I'll even go put it in the microwave. (from the kitchen) But don't think that this is a reward for sleeping in.

I think I'm officially over jetlag, and now this early morning business is getting increasingly difficult.

The Wii vs. PS3 Debate Continues
Hans and his brother have these wacky notions that we're all going to go in together and buy the latest gaming systems to "share". Sure. That's fine. They can plan all they want.

I was a real skeptic when it came to the Wii. I wasn't interested in having to work for my gaming pleasure. Isn't the whole reason you play games so that you can sit around and be lazy? I don't know. But then when I heard about the price difference and after hearing some people get really excited about the Wii, then I have to admit that I got on board and would have supported a Wii purchase.

Then America happened (and we almost bought the Wii accessories there to save money)... and then we sort of fell in love with our DSs and didn't really need another new toy right away.

Then I saw the demo for LittleBigPlanet. Now I'm back in the PS3 camp.

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Mar 30 2007, 02:03 am

Oooh - Freedom is nice, isn't it? I love all of their kitchen and dining stuff. We bought a dining room table there.

And it is really irritating that no store here has any sort of online presence. I had a helluva time with family and friends that couldn't make it to the wedding because there aren't any online registries. Now when people want to give gifts, the only thing I can tell them is to deposit a check into my US bank account.

I want to start a campaign to usher Australia in to the 21st century. :D

11:27 AM  

Apr 02 2007, 02:36 pm

We love IKEA, so I can't imagine how much time we would spend in Freedom! Glad to hear you are getting things in a more organized fashion. I have ocd when it comes to cleaning and organizing. It's not too bad, I say.. but, Jay will tend to disagree! We have both the PS3 and xbox360. Although, the xbox was send back via mail to be fixed. It came down with some internal sickness. Jay is completely devastated.

11:28 AM  

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