Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Look While You Can
This is the hair you WON'T be seeing when I get to the States. I know I'm going there for two months in the heart of winter, but I cut a significant portion off today due to its weight and overheating properties. There will be no "after" picture, because it is traumatized, and I hate it... per usual. I'm sure it'll be fine after I get all the styling shellac out of it.


Feline Friend
I was witness to this scene tonight...


Hans dumped the frog out at the bottom of the steps though, because he didn't want Chucky to notice it. That whole thing with cats catching little creatures and presenting them at your feet to show what good hunters they are. Poor little Ribbit.

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Dec 13 2006, 08:22 am

No! There MUST be an after picture! Puh-lease. :o)

2:08 PM  

Dec 13 2006, 09:26 pm

You're going to cut that hair?????

There should be a law against it!!!

2:09 PM  

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