Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lost in Translation
In a little social experiment to do with Aussie slang, today I ordered "chook nuggies" at McDonalds and got exactly what I wanted... chicken mcnuggets. Further proof that you can shorten and add "ies" to absolutely any word in this country.

Flight Fright
There's a phenomenon that I've noticed lately where you tell someone that you're about to take a huge trip, and they in turn feel compelled to tell you their most horrific travelling story. Listen, I don't want to hear about Uncle Henry's 52-hour layover after emergency-landing in Taipai. I don't need to know about your neighbor Bob's turbulence-inducing pukefest. And I certainly don't want to know about Aunt Judy's body cavity search. Okay? I've got some horror stories of my own... I don't need yours.

I'll probably be packing tomorrow. For now it's Hans's birthday celebration part four.

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Dec 17 2006, 09:09 am


i think i might enjoy visiting australia if they have that cute of a name for nuggets. :)

well, besides that fact that there's a certain really cool redhead there that i really like!

2:08 PM  

Jan 09 2007, 07:49 am

Nuggies? LOL that's a new one for me too.

2:08 PM  

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