Monday, November 27, 2006

Open Letter to Australia
Oh Australia,

Why do you make it so hard for me to love you?

August, September, and even the beginning of October were pretty tolerable, but this month you've turned back into the fiery pits of hell that I hated so much last year. I'm sorry, but I'm now convinced that it's not me anymore. It's you.

This last week has been almost unbearable between noon and 4pm. I'm sick of sitting in a pool of my own sweat. It's not even Summer yet. Couldn't you ease up just a little bit?

I'm happy to be leaving you for a few weeks. Feel free to bake your citizens to death during that time, but by February, will you please start thinking about Autumn? For me?


Six Months
It's our .5 Anniversary today. I turned all girlie and wanted it to be sweet and romantic, but so far it's been none of the above. Up early. Rushed get-ready. Show tonight. Won't get home until late. And the idea of people I don't particularly care for being there just makes it all the worse. (Of all of Hans's friends that I have met, there are two who I consider to be my archnemeses. But hey, at least the rest of them have been great! And thankfully the one lives in a different timezone most of the year.)

Since We Last Spoke

  • Hans had a root canal without much advance notice.
  • We saw The Prestige and loved it, but... (highlight for spoiler) :why was Borden's secret word Tesla if the guy already was a twin? We didn't necessarily get that, unless it's more obvious than we think.
  • We had a little impromptu Thanksgiving feast. It wasn't exact... take-out chicken instead of turkey, fries instead of mashed potatoes. But we had green bean casserole, so life was good.



Nov 27 2006, 08:08 am

It's still warm here, but it's not hot like where you are. Do they use a lot of AC down there?

Happy 0.5 Anniversary! Good luck with the friends... ;)

7:51 PM  

Nov 27 2006, 06:29 pm

aaron has to get a root canal in a little while...and i love the prestige, but i feel like i definitely need to watch it again to really get it! (mainly just to pick up all the little things i may have missed) but i thought it was GREAT!
so sorry that australia is being mean to you. i wish i could rescue you and we could go to tennessee together, because i feel like escaping too. :(
(ohio...yeah, not so much.)
I LOVE YOU!!!! sure hope that australia takes a better turn for you!

7:51 PM  

Nov 29 2006, 06:48 pm

Heather, businesses are pretty guaranteed to have AC, but houses are 50/50. We have a little unit in our bedroom, but to get it to cool the living room, we have to shut the office and bathroom doors and set up a system of fans to get the air to flow around the corner. Hehe.

I guess even in Nashville, I went from my airconditioned house to my air-conditioned car to my air-conditioned office and back. Here I leave my barely cool house, walk in the hellish heat to the train, get an air-conditioned carriage if we're lucky, catch an air-conditioned bus if we're lucky, and walk in the heat to the wonderfully air-conditioned office. I just hate sweating before I've actually started my day. :)

Alison, let's go to TN in January! :) Alektor Cafe, here we come.

7:51 PM  

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