Friday, October 20, 2006

My Dog Won!
So we went to see the greyhound races last night. I put $2 on our dog to win. Considering he walked half of the last race, I thought of it more as a donation. But would you believe he won?

My $2 bet.

My $6.80 return.

And no, I don't have any explanation for why I am pictured on the radio station's website with Cleo's Bachelor of the Year. Well, actually, I do. Dan made shirts for me and Lisa, and they were a hit. They made us stand out from all the other fans. In fact, Andy wanted to take a picture of us to show Hamish.

Dan took a picture of Andy taking the picture.

Yeah, it's all pretty embarrassing. But I'm definitely getting today's podcast to hear what they say about the night.

Other Than That
We're going to TIGER ISLAND tomorrow! Can I get a WOOOOOOOT!?

Watercolor Links Continued
Folded Book: mental note
Moleskinerie: if I jump on that bandwagon
Page Points: Little bookmarkers
The Nature Journal: More illustrated journalling
The Ribbon Jar: Some nice crafty ideas. Some gaudy ones as well.
Wild West Yorkshire: watercolor journalist

Miscellaneous Link
Love, love these scrabble benches with letter pillows that Joshua found.


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Oct 26 2006, 08:32 am

in the comments someone mentions MIT's building 68 (biology). I used to work in that building! "the right sort of geeky" --- I can attest. but it's not.

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