Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Boy Band Spectacular
I don't know if you've heard about BoyTown in the States yet, but I can't wait for it. You can't beat a good boy band spoof movie. (And Bob Franklin is one of my favourites on Thank God You're Here.)

This also made me think of DaVinci's Notebook, and I had to find "Title of the Song" for Hans to listen to! He loved it. (Thanks, Manda.)

To NoWri or Not to NoWri
It's nearing that time of year. The time when aspiring novel writers abandon their social lives and crank out 50,000-word masterpieces. A piece of something anyway.

I've started three times in the past, but have never finished for various reasons. Why do major life interruptions seem to happen in November?

But now I see that Tommy's doing it. And Barry's doing it. All the cool kids. I guess I need to make up my mind soon. Tash? Misery loves company, you know.

Super Sleep-in
Last night Hans had to work late. I went in and got to see him at least over pizza at supper. I think we finally caught a cab at 10:30, home by 11. Watched an episode of Arrested Development, went to bed, had a little cry (lots of stuff happening in Iowa at the moment), and finally got to sleep.

I woke up this morning and prayed that it could be after 10. I never get to sleep in anymore, and since I didn't have a goodbye smooch this morning, I had my hopes up. It was 10:40. I love sleeping!

And Hans has the day off, so we've had a big brekkie and a lazy noon. And maybe we'll walk to the McCafe later for cappucinos, because that's livin' life in this neighborhood.


Oct 18 2006, 06:02 am

hey .. looks cool babe.
but i gotta tell ya.. sucks to have a name that starts with t. couldn't we change it to atta-tash>?

8:07 PM  

Oct 18 2006, 01:46 pm



8:08 PM  

Oct 18 2006, 05:59 pm

Yeah, but the bottom of the list is as easily clickable as the top. (And considering I don't ever click his link anyway, since I already know what's there... you're one of my daily clicks even if you're not updating daily.) :P So, NaNoWriMo?

8:08 PM  

Oct 18 2006, 06:01 pm

And thanks, Allison. I'm doing better. I'm just REALLY ready to go back for a while. Emails and IMs can only stand-in for a hug and a face-to-face conversation for so long.

8:09 PM  

Oct 20 2006, 10:04 am

I'm still having trouble deciding what to write about.

Which of course actually means I have no clue as to what to write about.

Hope you have more luck than me :)

8:09 PM  

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