Thursday, September 14, 2006

How to Make Me Teary
Be my nephew and send me this IM:
"do you know when you are coming home? "

Immigration Trivia
So once this application goes through I should (fingers-crossed) have my temporary spouse visa, which is good for two years. Then our case gets reviewed again to make sure we still, in fact, have a genuine relationship. (Seriously people, if you're trying to scam the system, there have GOT to be easier and cheaper ways to do it than to ACT like you are in a relationship with someone.)

For the next two years we need to continue to keep evidence of this relationship including plane tickets for joint travel, major joint purchases, etc. Apparently having children in the next two years is another good sign, but all y'all can get off our backs about that.

However, I also read that magazine subscriptions in your married name are another good sign. Hello! I'm a-subscribin'. How often does a magazine lover get an excuse like that?? "But babe, it's for our FUTURE."

These are on my wishlist:
Notebook:: Ideas for Living
Inside Out: the magazine to live in
Real Living: My Real Simple Substitute... though I swear I saw a Real Simple at the newsagent last month.
and PC User: Because I'll be nice and share

A Tired Conversation
Between me and my husband, the heater.
Me: You're like one of those things you get in the hunting department of Walmart where it starts out cold, but then you bend it and it pops and gets super hot but then is just warm enough to put in your socks so that your toes don't freeze and crack off while you're ice-fishing. Do you even know what I'm talking about?
Him: Yes.


Sep 17 2006, 07:00 pm

Don't sweat the immigration stuff too much. We survived! I wrote up a long post about everything I sent in at the two year review here.

1:10 PM  

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