Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lost in Translation
fruit toast
n. toasted raisin bread, often served slathered in butter
"If I knew the 'fruit' in 'fruit toast' was going to be raisins, I wouldn't have taken a piece."

House Warming (read "I Need a Heater")
So we're as settled as one can be considering that we haven't really unpacked anything. Clothing selection is getting mighty slim at the moment, but tonight we're moving the wardrobe into my room so that I can unpack my suitcases.

On Sunday afternoon, brother/sister-inlaw took us on a shopping spree. And spree, we did. Hans had saved up some money for the move, and they gave us an extremely generous amount... so we went into every homewares shop and just bought whatever we wanted. It was so fun... and for me to say that shopping of any sort is fun, well, that's just unheard of!

We got:
- glass caniters for the pantry (to keep the ants away)
- a stainless-steel wine bucket
- 4 latte mugs with wooden coasters
- a pale yellow sugar bowl to match the kitchen
- 6 tumblers
- 6 tall glass glasses
- a super-soft cozy blankie for the couch (yeah, that was my pick)
- a white enamel colander
- a wine bottle opener
- an ice cream scoop
- a vegetable peeler
- 2 pairs of scissors
- a wok
- measuring cups
- ice cube trays
- a microwave
- an ironing board / iron
- mixing bowls
- power strips

Well, that's all I can remember anyway. And then we proceeded to spend $200 on groceries. Eeek... but it was the first big shop to get all the staples on hand. Now we can actually cook! Well, we have the ingredients to cook with anyway.

Oh, but you know the best part. Well, not the best part... but a pretty significant part -- I am able to watch television in my own home for the first time in over six months. Not that I need to have it on all the time, but to be able to watch the news once in a while is kind of exciting.

We're off on an entire-family campout weekend tomorrow. (Yeah, I know. I don't DO camping. We're in a cabin at least.) We've bought three bottles of wine, but I'll wait until Saturday to see if I'm going to share any of it!



May 04 2006, 07:05 am

crap--you mean you couldn't wait for your care package from your PAMPERED CHEF of a friend to see if you would be getting any of those kitchen tools before buying them???

3:44 PM  

May 04 2006, 07:55 pm


you'll never know how excited i got over this...i still want one so badly! hehe.

i am SO excited for you...the kind of shopping you just took part in is some of my FAVORITE shopping! :)


3:44 PM  

May 08 2006, 06:50 pm

Oh no... Pampered Chef anything is great -- and then the other stuff moves into "back-up" status in case the PC one is in the dishwasher or something. :)

3:44 PM  

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